Sunday, February 3, 2019


He stepped on his own foot and fell AGAIN! New elbow skin break. Sore hip, sore knee. Head OK - I think!
Time for a run for more bandaging materials. Won't go to ER. Says he's OK.
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I've finished 20 of the 30 pages in the rejuvenation of the vintage photo album. Very messy project. Running out of tape and patience. Time will tell. Trying very hard to keep it vintage style. Corners working well with additional double sticky tape. Reminiscing. Not for me but for firstborn. 


  1. I hope he's,okay...age is a big factor when in come to falling frequently.

    Project is coming along nicely!!

  2. Need to find out WHY he's falling. Watch his walk to see if he is shuffling or maybe dragging one leg. Mini strokes can cause this also.