Thursday, August 23, 2018

Just Peachy!

The sun is out, a nice breeze drying the air and grounds and it is a good day here. We took a ride out to the farm produce store and saw all the damage done by the flooding. It was awful and people are trying their hardest to clean up. It will take a while.

We brought home corn that the Mister picked out of the bin as the owner was unloading his container straight from the field. Some was saved from the floods. The cantaloupe we bought was also one that was on high ground so a few were spared. Best of all, our favorite - VERY favorite peaches, the Lorings were big and beautiful and we bought them too, along with the small basket.

One was eaten at lunch - we shared it. Let me tell you, they are:
#1- the easiest to pit (a simple cut and twist will open for easy removal)
#2- the easiest to peel without blanching ( I peeled with my fingers!)
#3- the tastiest (perfectly sweet - texture-wise, not mushy, not pithy, not hard)
#4- the juiciest (if you were to bite into one, the juice would run off of your chin and down your arm and drip to the floor from your elbow!
#5- the most flavorful (the peachiest flavor of all peaches)
#6- very fragrant, and my home smells like peaches!

Quick! Before they are gone into pies, cobblers, shortcake, dried,  I thought to get photos so I did and then couldn't choose which I liked best. Here you go.....
Click on image to wish you were peachy too!
And...I still have some frozen and dried I hoarded from last year!  

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