Friday, August 24, 2018

Ample and Satisfying

Yes, I made a peach cobbler this morning. It took three peaches to make the four cups of slices in my recipe. I have four smaller ones left to make a pie and then I'm finished for the season. We'll have the cobbler at lunch with whipped cream!
As you know, I save seeds every year for the wonderful tasty and meaty Oxheart tomatoes. Missy, our PA daughter, starts the seedlings. Hers did not survive this year but, thank goodness, she shared a few of her started  plants with a neighbor and this morning she brought us three. The neighbor said the woodchucks bit into most of them in his garden! I placed them on a dinner plate before use. Aren't they pretty?
She also brought a few started seedlings to our NJ daughter who grows them well in a "cage" to prevent squirrels' ravages. Hers have grown to over 7 feet this year. They are in a good place, perfectly protected and producing fine for her family!
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  1. Those tomatoes are beautiful. Mine didn’t do well this year at all.