Sunday, August 26, 2018

Dock Repair Barrel Replacement, Part 2

Exactly 20 days later the dock is level again! It was a difficult quest at first to find the precise size replacement barrel but it was right under our noses at a local merchant's store. $17.00 new - not a bad price, eh? Since our "crew" of four already knew how to tip the dock and get the barrel under, all that was yet necessary to do was to attach and secure it. You should have been here to hear the "Oooo's" when the men first went into the lake. It has cooled down a good deal since all the rains, washouts and low temperatures. A sigh of relief is heard by all when the project was completed! Good job, Denise, Alex, Amy and George.
Sisters work well together
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  1. Looks like a good job when people work together

  2. Wow...their work's well-done. Looks like a professional job! Oh, I bet the water temp WAS cold.

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