Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year News...

Out of the old and into the cold! It even went down to -10° for a short while  as the sun came up. This was taken at 7:15 am. Brrrrrr!
Now for the bad news....My brother is in the hospital with a sudden problem. He drove himself there last night and left his water in the kitchen trickling as we all do when extreme cold temperatures prevail. He has called several family members to have his dog let out today and to feed both the cat and the dog. My brother-in-law drove out there this morning and found the water NOT trickling. Pipes are frozen. Dog has been let out. Another of his friends nearby is going to care for his chickens which are kept at a different location.  My brother-in-law will return later this afternoon to again tend to the dog and cat's needs as brother will probably stay in hospital for a couple of days. If his son, who does plumbing, gets his girlfriend's frozen water situation problems fixed in NJ he may drive up here and see what he can do about these circumstances.  

And, my brother-in-law's daughter, who lives in Delaware, has a furnace failure. It is good that there are two wood stoves in her home. It's hard to get furnace repair help on a holiday.

The Mister simply cannot tolerate this cold air with his COPD and, even though we want to help, we cannot. What a predicament! 

I guess we all forgot to hang a lemon in the doorway to keep the GOOD energy flowing. Is it too late?

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  1. Whew! And I was whining about 0 degrees! This weather is a challenge for all of us who have to deal with it.
    Can I use a plastic lemon?