Monday, January 15, 2018

Yum and Yuck

Last year I bought a large electric frypan to use for making one large batch of pancakes or French toast so I didn't have to stand at the stove making small servings, first for the Mister and then for me. He always finished his before I even sat down to start eating. Well this works out fine now! We only have this kind of suppers once in a while but the super best part is that we use the authentic maple syrup that my brother makes and shares. I noticed the date on my last pint showed that it was canned on March 6, 2017. It is almost time for him to get busy with the taps, boils, and straining process for this topnotch and fine syrup. Last night I used some dried out sourdough bread. WOW!
I purchased my cap with the pouring spout at the Palmetto Moonshine store down south. It fits well, I can heat up the syrup before screwing on the lid and must remember to rinse it after every use. I love the process of slowly streaming it all over the toast.
It is not a nice sight to look out of my windows now. Dirty snow, cinders, all unpleasant things in view. 
Sure hope I don't have to trek to the outdoor freezer for anything today! The stones poking my sock feet would hurt! My go-to-freezer footwear is frozen.
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  1. I like your 'go to' shoes! I have some similar for laundry day shoes (washer is in the garage)

    Yum! And REAL mapke syrup. My stars, that is heavenly.

    No snow for me...

  2. When I saw the shot of the Fr. Toast with Maple Syrup, I almost licked the page. Yummmmmmm is right! The top with the spout is a great idea! I've never seen that kind of top before and I live in the South, haha.
    Your go-to shoes made me shiver, brrrr.
    Snow is beginning here in another 2 hours, again. This time it's supposed to snow for 12 hrs but only a little accumulation of about 3-4 inches. We'll see. Pretty coming down but always a mess afterwards.