Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Pins and Pie

Snow has been falling all day. I kept busy. While my mincemeat pie was baking I pulled out the Mister's Nascar membership pins and documented what he has saved. He also has saved his army dog tags and Boy Scout pins in the same box among other items from his activities through the years. He was an avid racer back "in the day" and now is a dedicated follower from his chair. I do plan to scan the news articles and photos in the near future. They are in an album for safe keeping. This project was also was a learning experience for me to try to get good enough pictures so the years on the pins would show.  Then I did a rundown of what is here.

Ed’s Nascar Member Pins

1957-yellow oval member
1958-oval red, white, blue international
1960-yellow oval international
1961-red member 
1962-light blue member
1963 -2 (one slightly different) -dark blue banners
1964-dark blue banners
1965-dark blue banners
Year? -2  International blue
Year? International no blue

Total 12 membership pins plus two others

Fan pin 50 years colorful Year?

Car pin blue & white with checker flag made in USA Year?
I found a few comparables on e-bay and we now realise they have a little value. 

The pie was delicious!
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