Friday, January 26, 2018

Kitchen Operations

It was definitely time to clean out my GranPappy deep frier. The only foods I use in it are potatoes and precooked Perdue chicken tenders. People are not correct - in my mind - that deep fried foods aren't good for you. You would be surprised, I think, at how little oil is used. The fill line on the inside of the container hardly goes down before it it time to change oil after many uses. The debris settles and then it it time to change it. I use canola oil. I don't bother to strain it and reuse, although it is an option. I never do fish in there either! I have had this frier for many many years and my only complaint is that it has a short cord.
In 1955 a group of girlfriends had a bridal shower for me and one of the gifts was a potato cutter. I still have and use this old tool. Peel a medium size potato - or don't peel it - place it in the cutter and press on the handle. Eureka! Raw french fries read for cooking. This has been used for over 62 years! Every year! It beats using the frozen ones from the store. 
Today's is made out of stainless steel! I don't need it. 
I made a large bowlful of coleslaw today and it is aging. We'll dig into it tomorrow. No recipe, but I'll tell you we like our slaw cut very fine and with a sweet/sour dressing. I use mayonnaise, half and half, apple cider vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper and celery seed. I didn't have fresh carrots on hand this time. Just some of this and that and it always is great.
I managed to keep fairly busy today and hope to be productive tomorrow.

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