Thursday, January 18, 2018

Kettles a'Cookin'

There are two batches of winter comfort foods bubbling at slow speed on the stove. One pot holds chili - you know, beans, burger, onions and red sauce; the other kettle contains split peas in pure ham broth. These will simmer all day and be put in containers for the future weeks in February and March. Of course, there will be a small tasting event here before the lock up. In the meantime I stepped outdoors into the carport for a few shots of snowy surroundings. Today I like winter.
Please click on image to view larger
Yesterday the upper part of the clothesline often went into this oscillation state. I don't know why. Sorry for poor video and I hope you can see what I saw. Short clip.


  1. Your snow shots are beautiful, but oh so cold Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr :) I need a sweater to look at them, LOL. We were just talking about making a big pot of chili this weekend. It sounds so good.
    Have a lovely day and if you have the time,please pop over and help me celebrate 6 years of blogging with a Give-A-Way.
    Connie :)

  2. Very nice photos! I haven't done any of that except for the shots out my bedroom window. I don't live in a rural area though there are some very nice wooded areas around here thanks to some forward think people 100 or more years ago.
    I would be oscillating too if I were encased in ice.