Sunday, November 27, 2016

Nature's Best

My brother (77) still keeps chickens for eggs and still hunts. He no longer processes his deer but there are two excellent meat processors in our area for that function.  A few days ago he stopped in and brought us a dozen eggs, venison bacon, and sweet Italian sausage, plus some home-grown potatoes, spicy meat sticks and homemade oatmeal cookies.

Do you know which end of the egg should be up when storing them? Here are two pictures. Which is correct? 
If you said the second one with the bottoms up you are correct. The blunt end of the egg has an air pocket between the inner and outer shell membranes. This gradually enlarges as the egg looses moisture during storage. Keeping the air pocket at the top helps to keep the yolk centered within the eggs and prevents the air pocket from rupturing. We don't keep a dozen eggs here very long, anyway but it is good to know this.

I will sauté the sausage into crumbles, bag and freeze them, and be able to use them in sauces and as toppings later. The bacon has to be thawed to be sliced into thin wafers and fried. It has much less fat than pork bacon and, to our taste is even better.
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Come on over. We have good stuff here.


  1. Y'know I like brown shelled eggs best! I had 6 of my first years of my life on a farm....everything's better tasting.

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  3. That was interesting. I didn't know that.

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