Friday, November 25, 2016


Thank goodness it was cool enough overnight to store our turkey remains in the carport on top of the freezer. Today it got up to 40° so I brought it all in and started the process of separating and saving dark meats, white meats,  all bones, skin and the rest. For years I watched my grandmother and mother do this and then I pitched in. There is no way but to just do it! It is a sit down job.  We waste not in our home! Never have, never will. 

The stock pot with contents and water will go on the stovetop tomorrow and simmer away all day. The broth will be strained and then set outside to jell. The fat will then be removed by skimming and the soup will be created with celery, onions, carrots and rice with some turkey bits added at the end. There is no recipe. The remaining containers will be frozen after we have it for dinner tomorrow.
I intend to make a turkey loaf (somewhat like meat loaf) and will grind up the dark meats for patties and will grind some of the white meats for turkey salad with mayonnaise and more. A few larger slices will be saved to have hot turkey and gravy sandwiches. 
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In the meantime, I sit here just feeling very contented that I was able to enjoy doing it all, even though still weak and tired.  I had lots of help with the washing of the dishes and pans but I am the PICKER!

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  1. Isn't left over wonderful. Sadly I didn't end up with any left over. Reason we was guest with my son inlaws.
    Came in from Annie and if you find the time stop in for a cup of coffee