Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Snafued By a Varmit

DANG! It was only 2 years old and now we have to replace it again. Major operation for old people. Necessary. Perhaps we'll wait until next spring.

This morning when I was enjoying the sun and my coffee, my excellent peripheral vision picked up a movement on the tree outdoors. AS I TURNED MY HEAD, I SAW IT HAPPEN! There was a little red squirrel on the tree pulley and the rope sprang away into the air just like a whiplash!
 Of course he disappeared immediately. They are fast little critters. I took pictures(above) of the results of his winter preparations that are a big deal for us to repair. He lost his bundle of bedding on the lawn. See below how important the clothesline is for us.
The good part is that it didn't chew through the power lines! They do tons of damage and we hope a natural predator such as an owl or hawk will soon disperse with this culprit! (Don't forget to click on an image to view the first three photos larger - the rest don't matter, they are examples of the importance of our clothesline.)

2014 Clothesline Story.

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  1. Our neighborhood covenants prohibit clotheslines. Wish I could have one...for our bedding!!!