Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Strung Up? OUT? Strung

I should have dug out the pictures I took two years ago when we had to replace the old clothesline. You have no idea how important this line is to us. The mister thinks differently than I and doesn’t plan ahead in the same way as I. He just knew it broke, had to be thrown away and a new one purchased.  He also purchased a new tightener that will tighten the rope as it loosens with use. BUT! He didn’t keep any of the old line attached to the tightener so he could remember which end went where.  After climbing the ladder to the tree pulley he threaded the rope through and I kept tension on both ends until he stepped down and came to the carport post where the other pulley was waiting to be threaded. After he tightened the knot on the loop of the tightener, the next step was to thread the line through the ball bearings that do the clamping but the end has to be pulled back to loosen and open the ball bearings.  We know to wrap the end with electrical tape so it won’t fray while trying to push it through. One time I even went so far as to thread a heavy duty needle with heavy duty thread, sew it into the rope end and then pull the needle through the ball bearing portal dragging the rope behind. If there is a will there is a way!

It sure is an accomplishment and takes coordinated effort to string a new clothesline. I had to be a bit bossy!

Two years ago he bought clothesline rope which was packaged in a 200 foot bundle and we only needed 105 feet. This time he remembered to buy old fashioned window sash rope like we always use to use and it is sold by the foot and is much better. I wish I had taken a picture of my line filled with clothes for a family of eight. It was a looooong one!

It doesn't matter which end the rope comes out as long as it works! It does!
Good to go
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