Sunday, November 6, 2016

Silly Sadie

This rescue dog Sadie, is part border collie and of other questionable heritage. I'm not sure of her age but think she must be around 6 or 7. She goes almost EVERYWHERE with her master, my nephew.  She swims in streams, flood water,  has been skunked, and is living a full and adventurous life. I snatched the first three shots that he took today because it depicts Sadie at her best. The captions are his.
What you talkin' about Willis?
Ooohhh! Look! A squirrel!
"Stop taking my picture already!!!"
(There is a nugget in the air here, can you see it?)
At the summer campout
Queen of the mountain!
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(She even has her own Facebook Page!)


  1. she's adorable! and loved! as it should be!

  2. This dog has lots of character.

  3. Sweetness all the way around. I especially enjoyed the camping photo. And the expression of Sadie in the 2nd image.