Sunday, November 20, 2016


Been sick for two weeks with allergic reaction to runny nose prescription from doctor.  Never again will I complain about my dripping face faucet. I've had rhinitis for many years and mentioned it at last visit. Four days in, I couldn't breathe. Well, I'm still weak and lacking energy and have no stamina but starting to improve (with more medicines, of course!).

I intend to roast a small turkey in four days!  And....we've had our first snow! Last night and this morning it snowed and continues normally for the season. The 7.0" is ours. This morning it is 30° with a light breeze.
 James is miserable and needs his winter attire!
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  1. My sister got her first snow of the season this week also...that is unusually late for the Colorado Rockies. And it was 47 degrees here this morning...yipee. Finally some cool weather. But, I read it'll begin to warm up again. Bummer.

    Lovely snow scenes!!! From my window. I'm not big on snow anymore. Younger, I used to like it. Not much anymore...only from Windows 10. lol

    It's gonna just be Bud and Me for this holiday, so I'm saving the turkey for Christmas. Will have just a small roasted chicken and dressing for the two of us...and pumpkin pie from scratch!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!! Loved the pictures today.