Monday, December 12, 2016


I have been very sick with something upper respiratory but finally feel stronger. It all started around October 25 and today is "almost" gone. Tons of meds, and absolute lack of energy prevailed throughout November, but I'm gainin' on it - finally. 

We purchased a new snow blower last January 24 and today the Mister put it to work for the first time. The heavy wet snow only accumulated about four inches, but needed to be removed. The blower along with other equipment is in our shed, which
has a ramp. The ramp has to be cleaned off before the doors will open.  These pictures may be boring to you but they show the work being completed with the help of the new equipment. The Husqvarna is smaller and lighter weight than the old (29 years) one, which was traded in. It did a good job. I'm the lucky one who can watch it work and document how it is here today. 
January 22, 2016 John Deere 29 years service

Click on image to view larger

Now it is stored and covered beside the carport for easy access, and is ready to go again.


  1. Oh my goodness...that's a lot of snow! Looks like a heavy snow at that.