Friday, December 16, 2016

Bright Cold Morning

At 7am I took a picture of the thermometer as it was showing the coldest temperature we have had this season. We know it will get colder but I like to document the start of the approaching cold winter. It was +4° then.
When I looked out 45 minutes later, the sun had risen and the temperature went down 2°! It went to +2°. We have seen this before and don't know why but it is common.
A large icicle has started to form. I asked the mister to not knock it down until it is larger so I could get a picture.
As I looked at the snow covered ice in front of the cabin I see three  of the openings that the lake bottom springs have kept open - for a while. 
AND...something small has left tracks and maybe even a tail swipe - perhaps a muskrat?
please click on image to view larger
Soon the ice fishing people will come. Maybe we can give away all of the equipment for that sport that we have stored in the shed. It is just taking up room now.


  1. My father would have loved the idea of ice fishing! It's always coldest just at sunrise for some reason. The temp drops. It's common all the areas we've lived...CO. AZ. NE. TX.

    Love the icicle!

  2. It got pretty cold here last night. particularly with wind. Saturday we'll get snow, no idea how much, then it will be in the 50's on Sunday. We're now getting what's been coming down from the north/east across the country. I hope people don't go nuts over a few inches of snow.