Friday, December 30, 2016


I was careless this morning. Yeow! Yesterday I trimmed the hambone and stewed it all day for broth to make split pea soup. The trimmings then were saved to grind into ham salad for sandwiches, using my good old Gem grinder. In order to clamp the grinder on the countertop, I have to remove the large tempered glass cutting board. This I did, placing it on the floor against the lower cupboard doors. I promptly then forgot it was there when reaching for a bowl, and kicked it at the bottom. It fell hard against my shin and slid down. When it hit my leg, I knew immediately I had a problem. The blood from the upside down "C" cut was spouting like a fountain out of control and ran down and filled my sheepskin slipper! I ran for the bathroom, knowing there was a large roll of paper towel readily accessible to press against the site. It was a good thing that I was wearing fleece sweat pants or it would have been worse. After getting the flow to subside, using tons of towel, I called the Mister to help, instructing him what to pull from the closet so I could repair the damage. I squeezed almost an entire tube of Neosporin onto a large gauze pad and then wrapped medical tape around several times to hold it in place. His next job was to flush out my slipper and then to clean my foot and leg. It would have been difficult to do all of this if I were alone. Kind of a "funny" site, me, sitting on the toilet top, he, kneeling on the floor fixing me. 

The funniest thing is that he was in the chair waiting to help me with the ham and I yelled, BLOOD! BLOOD! while running to the bathroom. He thought I had yelled FLOOD! FLOOD! and thought I had a bladder problem, so didn't help right away until I told him I hurt my leg and needed his attention.

Yesterday, I just told a friend to always expect the unexpected. I need to follow my own advice!

Sure hope it heals (I'm a slow healer) and doesn't get infected but I don't see how it can because it was washed out so well with the red stuff. There goes my shower for a few days! Oh well, it isn't the start of the new year today so I haven't spoiled it - yet!
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Ow! Still hurts. 

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  1. That was an awful way to end the year. Ouch is right. Glad Ed was there with you.