Saturday, December 24, 2016

It's a Date

In the February, 1922 issue of the The Ladies Home Journal,  page 98, is a story about how good dates are good for you. They have been around for a while!

Today's jumbo-sized dates are now filled with cream cheese and rolled in a cinnamon/sugar mixture. I shall bring them to my daughter's tomorrow. Years ago, I remember my mother buying dromedary dates from the produce section in the Food Fair store and then having to dig out the pits before filling the centers with cream cheese or peanut butter.  Those dates were small and a bit tough but they were my dad's favorite sweet treat at holiday time. The ones she bought must have been even older than the ad above because I know they had pits! I remember that she also made date nut bread in a tin coffee can. 
 This is a batch of small ones that I prepared in 2012.
It is a nicer presentation as it was for a party. I can't find the red bowl anyway, and must have left it behind.
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