Monday, December 19, 2016

Yarn Compulsion

Does anyone "out there" feel compelled to create a yarn ball when it comes in a skein? I do! I really think this is because I've done it ever since I can remember. When I was in first grade, ALL students knitted squares, boys as well. When they were complete, they were turned in to the teacher to be sewn together by an adult and then they were sent to soldiers as blankets to keep them warm. That is what we were told. My grandmother and my mother started my squares for me. I think they had to be 4 inches square, but am not sure. Sometimes they had left over yarn to use so they wouldn't have to purchase any. Almost all mothers had saved leftovers for future projects. My point is, that back in 1942 yarn came in hanks that had to be rolled into balls to be used. One person would open their hands, spread their arms apart, another would place each end of the loop over each hand forming a circle of the yarn and another would roll the tail into a ball. The ball rolling person was supposed to slip a finger under the yarn as it was wrapped so the ball wouldn't be too hard or tightly rolled. Later on I also remember that it could be a one person job by slipping the skein over the back of a chair.

Today most skeins are already formed and not in open hanks as they were in the past. Some are even in  type of ball where you can use the yarn by pulling from the inside to the outside.

My yarn compulsion is that I HAD to make a ball. Now I'll have to figure out how to use this ball, as I bought it for another purpose than knitting or crocheting and that idea didn't work out for me.
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The Mister says he remembers being the holder while I was the roller. WOW, I must be really old!


  1. I do the center pull. Don't ball it unless it is variegated yarn and I need to to keep the colors in the same order. The more expensive wool, cashmere, etc, yarns still come in hanks.

  2. Honestly I have nothing to contribute on the subject of yarn. My mother was quite skilled at knitting. She knitted me a blanke. I still have and use it, particularly at this time of year.