Sunday, December 25, 2016

Dinner with Daughter

.....and dogs and deer! We were privileged to enjoy several hours just across town at our daughter's home. The food there is always plain and exceptional at the same time. The feelings of love and warmth come across strong and we are happy and relaxed. We returned home with some sweet treats, a box of something that promises potential projects, and more. We are so fortunate to have such sharing and caring folks in our lives. Our grandson and his girlfriend were a big help and made the day easy for us oldies.
I took the deer pictures through the kitchen window. 
Sadie May and Charlie joined the fun.
Their home was warm and decorated in a lovely way. 
Best of all the dinner was delicious and the company enjoyable.  Our other children touched base with phone calls. 
LOOK! Fun  ahead!
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  1. Cozy inside. I love your beautiful snow and animal photos. How amazing!

  2. Merry Christmas - Looks like a good time by all, especially the deer.