Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Summer's End

The fair is over. The local kids return to school in eight days. The weed seeds are permeating the air and the lake is cooling down. Soon leaves will fall. Already the hummingbirds have left and their home-made nectar sits untouched in the feeder. It's coming - Autum. I need to change James' attire. Darn, I knew it would arrive,  it always does, but the realization has just in set in with a bang. I've been having too much fun with food projects this season, BUT apples will soon be ready so I have to look forward to sauce and more pies!
click to see the mist


  1. beautiful mist. kids here - some went back yesterday. some went back 2 weeks ago.

  2. First of the previous post...........OH MY GOODNESS!! What colossal tomatoes. And she grows them from seed to boot.

    Now the misty images from the lake...absolutely beautiful. Your hummers will reach our area soon, and it'll be time to clean the feeders once again. But, we haven't had many the last couple of years...dunno why unless they take different byways here and there.

    School here has been in session for a week now.