Sunday, September 4, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

Of course James celebrates the Labor Day weekend.
I think that this is a hornet because I know yellow jackets are fatter in the middle. There is no fuzz on it so it’s not a honeybee. Honeybees are gathering around as well. Whatever it is it also loves the nectar of the sedum blossoms, as does the bumblebee.  I sure don’t need to be stung. I no longer have an Epipen. I grabbed the camera to take a photo of the beautiful dragonfly that had landed on the sedum but it flew away before I could capture it.
The mushrooms are growing again at the root of our large Douglas Fir on the beach side of the road. I find mushrooms very interesting. Yesterday a young teen walked by, spotted it and tip-toed over to get a closer look. I think he thought it was an animal. I think it is a Boletus Edulis but never would eat it even though I love edible mushrooms. It is also called a "Penny Bun."
The white geranium plant in the old piece of pipe being used as a planter did very well this season. 
I’ll end this with a promise of next year’s Oxheart tomatoes being the best ever!
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  1. neat mushroom! beautiful sedum, too.

  2. That mushroom looks like a bowl...or a natural bird bath. Love to see James all decked out for the holiday!!