Friday, September 16, 2016

Road Trip

The day was sensational! Warm! Clear! Sunny! The ride to the orchard and to the produce stand was so enjoyable and successful that I'm almost beside myself.  Be alerted, you might want to sit a while to view the pictures I took. Be alerted! THERE ARE MANY HERE and... I took even MORE!!

I start out with the feral black cat that often fishes at the edge of our lake. I have actually seen it leap into the water to catch a fish. And then the flock of turkeys flew away before I could catch them and there must have been a couple of dozen!
Please don't leave, it gets better. We are headed to Jayne's Orchards!
Stick with me, please! We then stopped at La Rue's produce stand on the way home; bought some sweet corn, tomatoes and tri-colored sweet peppers not shown here.
Home Sweet SWEET home!  And the fun begins. Did I mention I missed getting pictures of the two deer that crossed the road in front of us?
Darling Henry has been demoted to a lower level.
Please click on image to see LARGER!


  1. you've shared a great fall post. :)

  2. What an outing! The sky sure does make it look so beautiful...too bad the turkeys flew off. I like seeing them in the wild. From the flowers to the gourds/pumpkins and apples...a wonderful Autumn day shared.

  3. We have a black kitty. His name is Spooky and he sometimes wanders down by JP and Laura's. I wonder if he would go as far as your house. He is very friendly and loving. If you call him by name he will run to you. However, I do not know if he likes to fish!