Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Season's Ending

I love the little Portulaca plants I bought this year and how well they developed. They needed little watering and the assorted flowers were pleasing. I think (and hope) they are self-seeding for another year of prettiness. They needed very little care.
May 19
May 31
Aug 18
Sep 14
And, of course, the sedum are turning pink and falling over. I meant to trim them down before they budded so they wouldn't get top heavy, and only snipped a few tops off. It's my fault and I'll just have to do better next year. They really are beautiful, however.
                             please click on image to view larger
Sundial Mix Portulaca
Medium flowers on durable, heat and drought tolerant plants. For garden or pots.  Plant in full sun 18"-24" apart. Grows up to 4 inches tall.


  1. That sedum is absolutely gorgeous. And the other flowers, I have always called them moss rose. At least they LOOK like moss rose. Love the little pointy seeds from them.

  2. I love all that colorfull flowers! Nice. Enjoy them every day when they are still flowering.