Friday, September 23, 2016

Good Work Ahead

I say this because the applesauce-making project here in this old cabin is done in an old-fashioned way and is actually a pleasurable activity for this old couple. Are you getting the gist of old?  The sink in which the apples are first washed is old. The knife with which the mister quarters the apples is old. The paring knife the missus used to dig out the core is old. We are all sharp. The kettle the apples are cooked down in is very old as is the wooden spoon. The Foley food mill is old and fits perfectly over an old large Pyrex bowl. We call it the "apple bowl." The sugar container is old. The ladle is very old and the only newbies are the containers for the finished product which is later placed into a new freezer in an old carport. The apples and the cider come from an old orchard that was planted over two generations ago.

I have already topped down the most flavorful cider in my world so we can have it through the winter. It has to be topped down as it will be frozen and the container needs to be compensated for expansion. It keeps perfectly fine and is always delicious and healthy. 
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The apples we are processing this year are Cortlands. And by the way, there is more cider in my refrigerator - FOR NOW!

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  1. Arlene and I are planning to go apple picking within the week. For the most part the weather looks good. I however, will be eating the apples in the simplest way possible.