Thursday, August 11, 2016

Just Nature

The first thing I saw at 6:45 this morning when I looked out while enjoying my coffee was these two doe and their fawns. What a beautiful sight! They saw me and scooted away but I SHOT THEM!
We have a mushroom farm here on the beachfront under the old and large Douglas Fir evergreen tree. The varied fungus feed on the roots. If you know me you know I am fascinated with mushrooms and fungus.
And...on the way back across the road to the cabin I spotted several of these White Admiral butterflies alternately flapping and gliding and sitting in the carport. These butterflies start out life as a caterpillar that looks like a bird dropping with horns! The blue is very iridescent and lovely.
 I LOVE where I live! Yesterday I saw the large blue heron and an eagle fly over, a little green heron was on the dock and, later on in the day I saw five - yes FIVE Kingfishers fishing from the dam bridge railing.
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  1. how gorgeous! beauties all the way through!

  2. Never knew a mushroom could look so good

  3. Catching up, I am...
    The deer images are extraordinary!!! What a beautiful sight with a cup of coffee.

    LOVE your cabin...I could live there, happily!!!