Monday, August 29, 2016

Oxhearts of 2016

 More, and the last of the precious heritage Oxheart tomatoes just arrived via daughter who faithfully grows them from saved seeds. Wunnerful Wunnerful!!!!!!
Seeds are fermenting in a jar now from a previous two, and will be dried and saved in a paper packet in the freezer. That's how we do it to carry on the joy of these special tomatoes. Remember this?

 And these? (6 years ago?)

Missy, Champion Tomato Grower

In 2004~~~~~~~~~A camping friend from Pittsburgh PA gave me a couple of these tomatoes. She said her dad (he was 86 then) starts them and gives her some. He was from old country, Lithuania or Czechoslovakia. She brings them to the beach in SC in September every year. I saved some seeds in 2006 and brought them back to PA. I forgot all about them until April 2007 when we were getting ready to head to SC, so I just threw my saved seeds into an outdoor container. Well when we returned in July, the container was full of tall spindly ugly tomato plants. Missy tore all out and threw them away except for four. They grew and grew in July and August and thrived. When we were preparing to head to SC in September I brought only 6 ripe ones those four plants produced. There were plenty of green ones left. Too bad. Guess the slow start hindered their growth and they matured too late. Be sure that I have saved seeds to start some more EVERY year since.

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