Monday, August 15, 2016

Snail Mail Thanks

When I first open the gift wrapping of something that was thoughtfully mailed or given to me, my first thought is that I shall write a thank you note for this gift. I usually do. Several times I have used e-mail but a touch of guilt struck each time. I know I’m old-fashioned but I also know how wonderful it is to receive a hard card - one that I can hold in my hand and feel the vibrations of the person who actually sat down and wrote it to me.

Modern technology has taken over many ways to convey our thoughts and feelings, but I KNOW that efforts to give a gift of love is reciprocated ten times over when a little note is returned.

You might say that a personalized hand-written thank you note is no longer expected or necessary - i.e. passe, outdated, corny, obsolete, bygone. Personally I think it is required. 

So, my friends and relatives, please don’t forget to send an authentic gratitude handwritten note when one is called for. You know when that is! It’s never too late to say thank you.

I just received one and it was charming. I’m grateful and hope they never go out of style. They convey your appreciation in a way that lasts.  This one arrived today!


  1. How sweet....and your words of wisdom has been 'heard'. I too like to send cards out.

    Also, loved the fish tale in the post below this one. Great photos

  2. I totally agree with you, but more important is that a thank you is conveyed in any way possible rather than not acknowledged at all.