Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Weekend

My daughter who lives nearby will be picking me up shortly today to travel with her to another daughter's home out of state for the weekend. There is a baby shower planned there for tomorrow and we'll stay over. I'll get a chance to see other relatives and friends plus the Bengal Cat, "Snow" and Boxer dog, "Massimo."  Her other dogs are gone... "Guiseppe" and "Pasquale" were great pets.

I may also get to visit with my great grandson, Dominic who is almost age two. I hear he is a very busy little boy and a special "piece of work."
please click on image to view larger
The baby shower is in anticipation of my 8th great grandchild, and we already hear it will be a beautiful daughter to loving parents and grandparents. My family sure is growing! From my six children there are now ten grandchildren, seven great grandchildren, and one great great grandchild! 


  1. awww. congratulations! enjoy the baby shower and extra family time!

  2. Congratulation on such a wonderful family. It seems there is a bit of Italian influence in your family.
    We're piasansos!

  3. This is amazing!!!
    I hope your trip was so much fun and without any perils along the way.