Friday, August 12, 2016

Peach YUM!

We took a ride out to the farm stand this morning to get corn for supper and I couldn't resist getting just a few more Red Haven peaches. Made a peach pie! WOW! Is it ever delicious!
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The power went out during the bake and my oven is electric. It didn't stay off long but that could have been a disaster. Thank goodness for the stand-by generator!

The recipe for my pie can be found at this link from last year's pie blog. 
Recipe Peach Pie

Little redskin potatoes and baby beets are ready too! We saw a green pepper as large as a cantaloupe, and the tomatoes in the bin are now HUGE! I have one of my daughter's left and two from my brother so bypassed purchasing these beauties. We aren't really big fans of watermelon but there are lots of them available there.

Hey, isn't it a great thing that I can bake when it is so hot outdoors? The new air conditioner is performing wonderfully and we are very comfortable. 


  1. the pie looks awesome! red-skinned potatoes would be wonderful, too.

  2. Fresh peaches, yes!!!! Peach pie no. lol

    I'd go for some icy watermelon tho, thanks to you.

  3. The pie looks wonderful! I on the other hand like watermelon very much. The high heat and humidity. not so much.