Monday, August 8, 2016

New Experience

My trip to NJ went fine. On one section of the highway we did hit a very hard shower for about 1/2 hour and had to slow down like everyone else. Caution lights were flashing for miles ahead and behind us. The rains were torrential and it was a little stressful but my daughter is a very good driver.

On the return trip the traffic coming out of Pennsylvania heading back to NJ after a weekend of who knows what, was backed up for many miles, double lanes completely stopped. No accidents just not enough road for the multitude of cars.

As for the baby shower, it was quite an experience for this "backwoods" country lady. Today showers are over the top. I wonder if it stems from being too busy or even too lazy to have a shower in the home. I suspect it is a case of "Can You Top This?" Or maybe it's just the way things are done now and I have a huge gap between then and now. Some of us old school types would be just as happy with an in-home shower and light refreshments. OOPS! How would you sit forty five chattering ladies in your living room and serve them an entire authentic Italian meal with all the trimmings? Plus wine! There was an entire room at the venue filled to the brim with gifts, books and packages of diapers. (Each guest was asked to bring a package of them to be included in a raffle.) There was a 3 1/2 hour use of the venue scheduled as it opened to the public when this event ended.  I never heard of grandmothers-to-be giving the baby shower for the mother-to-be and including her in the planning of the event either.  Wow have things changed! I must be getting old. I am not at all understanding of such change. It seems to be a lot of hullabaloo to me. A grinch I must be.

Then there is the waste that blows my mind. We always used to save pretty papers and bows to be reused. These were all just stuffed in a trash bag. There were a good number of gift bags used and that seemed to be better for me to understand. The mommy to be received not just one but several gifts from a single guest. That too was surprising. All in all it was a wonderful, well planned event and I must change my attitude if I can. Things are different now - VERY different and hard for me, who is set in my ways to understand.

I did get to see my grandson and my great grandson, Dominic, age 2.  He calls me Uncle Grandma. OK - A cutie for sure. My 12 year old granddaughter attended the baby shower and is becoming a sleek and trim beauty who is full of know how, elegance and polish at her young age. I saw several friends from the past years and that connection was wonderful as well. It was a successful hen party and I'm glad I was able to have the experience. Now I have a goal to change my outlook on today's way of doing things and try just go with the flow. I guess it's somewhat like parting your hair on the wrong side. Uncomfortable.

Photos may follow. I didn't bring my camera on purpose and depended on photos from others being sent my way - soon! I eagerly await the news of the arrival a baby girl in Mid-September! The parents have picked out her name already but won't tell a soul until she's born.

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  1. yeah, i've been to a baby shower recently - lots of fluff and expensive desserts and decorations. tons of princess outfits and princess things. not my style...

    uncle grandma made me laugh.