Monday, October 12, 2015

Columbus Day

We are expecting rain for the entire week ahead so I got out at sunrise and took my final photos of autumn colors here. 
And then we had apple pie for brunch!
Apple peels drying in the sun for potpourri

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  1. jealous of your lovely fall views AND of your rain forecast! we're sorely lacking in both!

  2. It's so humid and hot here, it SHOULD be raining. Like TexWisGirl, I'm jealous. Beautiful Autumn Colors...I especially like the top image with the lake as a backdrop.

    Apple peel potpourri. Way cool....and ingenious.

  3. The pictures you took certainly captured those beautiful autumn colors perfectly. We just had apple pie, too, but it wasn't homemade. Hubby bought it from the grocery store yesterday so I heated it up in the oven and made some coffee to go with.

    I like your idea of keeping the peels for potpourri, too... :)

  4. The first picture in particular is very lovely
    Your killing me with all the sweets. Is their a low cal version of your blog?