Monday, October 26, 2015

Apple Fool

I guess I'll never stop the apple train. I have no desire to get off. Yesterday it was applesauce, today it is another apple cake! Before that I made apple crisp and an apple pie.  Soon I'll air dry slices to preserve for use later and I'll also be simmering apple skin potpourri while baking applesauce breads. Let's see, what can I bake next this week? Oh! I know! APPLE COOKIES!  (Don't hold your breath.) I need to find a recipe for these and I want an old-fashioned one, such as from the early 1900's. Is that too much to ask?
Applesauce cuts
One Bowl Apple Cake (no skins on)
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I realize that these cannot possibly be as pleasing to your sight, smell or taste as they are to me. Also, I think you are tired of my apple pictures, but I like to look back and remember when they are gone until another year! The love will linger on.....


  1. Did you say apple crisp? I'll be right over!!!!!! I'll bring the vanilla ice cream.