Monday, October 19, 2015

Dock Update

I think the year was 2004. Our grandson and daughter undertook the task of building a new dock. The supplies were purchased by them and it was built as a surprise anniversary gift to us for when we returned in July from SC. After five years of hot summers and icy winters, it needed preservative applied once more. He had recuperated from a terrible car accident which happened on May 18, 2009 and was ready to get back in action on a project. That same summer they applied preservative.
July 4, 2009
 Two summers later, on August 28, hurricane Irene blew through and the turmoil of the wave activity in the waters caused it to break loose at one end. We were lucky because other docks separated completely from their moorings and floated freely, later crashing into the banks.
August 28, 2011
October 12, 2015
This year we noticed a dip between the ramp and the main end. Our grandson looked it over and decided it needed to be pulled out of the water and reinforced. When he and his buddy got around to doing this, it was October 16 and cold! They pulled it entirely out and up onto the bank with ropes and his truck. It was then discovered that one of the barrels was filled with water, one was partially water logged and one was slightly leaking. This meant they had to all be removed, dumped, and the bungs re-glued so hopefully, no more problems like this could happen. They were able to re-attach the barrels, relaunch and secure the ramp, float the deck out to be attached to the ramp and then resurface all with treated lumber. It took two and a half days of continual work.
October 19, 2015
These two young men (grandson is 26) got the job done with determination while enduring extensive  strain and pain and cold (did I say cold?) weather. Just in time. You may wonder why I didn't take pictures. Well, it was tricky work with a lot of MacGyver action and I didn't want them to be distracted at all.

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This is an autumn view my mother took many years ago.
I just came across this and couldn't help showing it to you. The tall blue spruce is now "James." 

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  1. I'll say it again, I love where you live. Good that the dock is refurbished. Time for me to refurbish.
    Beautiful colors in that photo.