Thursday, October 8, 2015

Back to Basics

Pumpkin spice cookies are good! They are from a Betty Crocker Mix. Still, I felt like I accomplished something this morning.

The mister and I went through his closet and dresser drawers and got his winter clothes ready. All of his hunting clothes are ready to be donated because he no longer hunts. It is the hunting season and we're sure they will be of good use to others. Springville Volunteer Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary is nearby and accepts gently used and clean clothing. The residents in that area have many families that hunt and will certainly be glad to find these at very low cost, while benefitting their fire company at the same time. We have shopped there many times ourselves.

Speaking of warm clothing, I have ordered a second pair of sheepskin slippers because the first pair are exquisite and marvelously comfortable. I wore my old ones for almost 10 years because I could never find more that I liked. The old pair were Hush Puppies and they never sold them again!
I feel like I'm in heaven when they are on. They are made of suede leather uppers with full genuine sheepskin lining and a 6mm EVA sole and came all the way from New Zealand!!!!

I also found and ordered the same hooded sweatshirt that the Mister has worn to rags. Guess I'm now a big spender!! Comfort rules, so COME ON IN WINTER!
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