Monday, October 5, 2015

Dazey, Dazey!

Does anybody out there have Dazey Seal-A-Meal pouches? (NOT vacuum seal type). I guess my 1976 vintage sealer (Model SAM1) is outdated. Ya think? Well it seals food in 2 mil thick pouches to be stored in freezer and then used in microwave, and are boilable safe. I know the pouches I need are #50018 and #50068 and even have an old order form! Dazey went out of business and I cannot find the pouches with the holes running about an inch apart on either side so the sealer will hit where you want. I've looked and searched EVERYWHERE! I only have a few left......

Well, gotta go now. The trees high up on the hill across the lake are becoming pretty. 
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P.S. After I posted this a friend found them for me on e-bay. I wasn't using the correct 'key word' (RIVAL) I guess. Anyway, I ordered them and they will be here next Monday from Florida.
3 boxes of 50 8 x 6" pouches, microwave safe, freezer safe, boilable.  for use with all brands of sealing appliances including Dazey or Rival Micro-Seal/Seal a meal bag sealers.

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  1. I was all primed and ready to type you that I bet you could find them on Amazon or E-bay! And here you added the addendum that you ordered some. Happy day.

    Love the scene from across the lake. Nothing like Autumn colors!!!