Friday, October 30, 2015


My brother stopped by with a bucket of pears and asked me if I wanted some. Well, I said, "Thanks, but no thanks." He convinced me that they are tasty. He has a juicer and makes pear juice. They grow wild near where he lives and in previous years he has ignored them because they are SOOOOO hard!

He left four for me to try to make pear sauce. I really didn't want any.                               This is a picture of mine:

Since it's my nature to try to learn about almost everything, I researched pears. There are several varieties of "winter pears" and I have determined these are the Nelis pears.
These graphics are from the internet:

There is a lot of information about the winter pears and many recipes as well. One site says:
  • Originates from: Mechelen / Malines, Belgium
  • Introduced: 1818
  • Developed by: M. Jean Charles Nelis
  • A very highly regarded late-season dessert pear from Belgium, with an excellent sweet flavor. The fruits keep well.
Another site says that they will ripen after picked. Ok, we'll see about that!

Oh, and by the way, I bought another peck of Cortland apples. I know about apples. Jayne's found this oversized one while sorting and bagging. She put it in the middle of a half bushel bag and wonders what the person who bought that bag will think when they see it!
Jayne's oversized apple
Still life material - mine.
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  1. good luck with the pears! i hope they ripen. the apples look great, too.