Sunday, October 4, 2015

October Morning

Well I woke up with tons of energy. Maybe it was the Cracker Barrel sharp cheese stick I ate for breakfast with a beef stick. I have 4 chicken breasts stewing in the kettle with chopped onions and celery so there will be broth for soups - to create another day.

I used my "new" Wilton Dimensions Multi Cavity Cupcake Pan for the first time with banana bread muffins. Not knowing how much to put in each cavity, I put 1/2 cup and came up short, not filling the 8th one. I baked them fifteen minutes, tested with a toothpick, and after letting them rest for about 10 minutes, discovered they were stuck! I did not grease or flour the pan. I did not Pam the pan.  They are delicious and fine after careful prodding for removal. I really think they stuck because the batter is heavy and sweet. I don't ever have to grease my heavy tube pan and cakes remove just fine. I'll try cupcakes another time. Today, I just wanted MUFFINS!

I got MUFFINS! And they are DELICIOUS! No icing needed either - just butter! We shared one already!

Since the sun was shining I had to take pictures and show everyone my outdoor autumn decorations.
click on image to view larger


  1. I sure wish I lived near by so I could just happen to drop in when you are making all your goodies!

  2. nice fall colors. yum on the muffins!

  3. I think I'm gaining weight reading your blog. I just made a cup of coffee would you pass the muffins please?
    It's still pretty green around here. Time to dig up some of old fall pictures till I can take some new ones.