Saturday, June 27, 2015


I always said "Music is my heartbeat." This group is exciting to me. My music teacher from 5th through 9th grade inspired me and all of his students worshipped him. This is because of the music and instruments he taught us to listen to and to play. He was bold and commanding and soft and gentle at the same time. The only instruments I successfully played was the trumpet and the French horn, playing both in band and orchestra. Good teachers can really bring kids good memories and appreciation of all kinds of music. I also played some piano, but hated my lessons because the teacher who came to my home just didn't have it. She was pushy and mechanical in her methods. (And she hit my hand with her stick!)


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  1. I had piano lesson for 3 years. Sometimes I enjoyed it, but I always wanted a guitar. My big showstopper on the piano was The Marines Hymn. I did eventually did get a guitar which led to a successful career in the supermarket business.
    I'm still working on that tune I told you about. It's simple. No singing. I can't sing. It's nothing fancy, though I am still trying to come up with another part.

    Those kids on the video were great!