Saturday, June 27, 2015

Rainy Day Post

It is POURING here. 62° and we have the heat on.
The First Great GREAT Grandson has arrived. His name is Leonidas and he is beautiful.
Angelo and Leonidas
Kaylei and Leonidas
More News...
We are going to have an automatic generator installed pretty soon. The electrician came today and went over everything and decided what size would be best. He contacted the supplier and then he called and we agreed to have it.  It WILL be soon! It is so nice to trust our local people. The connections are there and they know many others who we also know - personally! (Our 4-H and County Conservation occupations were responsible for much of this.) Love this area for just that reason. Plain, honest and hard working folk -  especially the businessmen. 

You would have laughed. The electrician fellow spotted my jar of Goetz’s candies and asked if he could have a few! He said they are his very favorite treats! WONDERFUL! 

Garden Update

Another daughter has green thumb. These are her June blooms. She lives in New Jersey and just sent these photos.

Click on image to view larger


  1. congrats on the g-g-grandson! and glad you're getting comfy in your full-time neighborhood again. :)

  2. Congratulations on your great, great grandson.

  3. Well congratulations on all fronts!
    Your daughters home looks great.