Monday, June 8, 2015

Cut and Cough

This is what happens when a romp with the old canine boy "Pal," turns into a slash through the Mister's skin. After running under cold water for many minutes to stop the bleed, I patched it up with Neosporin, gauze pads and wrapped until the next day. Against my suggestion, the Mister didn't think it needed stitches and was toughing it out. The next day came and my wraps came off and it looked quite raw and open to the Doctor's Care we went.

This is the professional wrap after doctor visit. 
 No stitches were necessary, but the slash was pulled together with special tape stitches before wrapping. The tape  is supposed to dry and fall off after the wound is healed.

Doctor said to unwrap in the morning and let it dry out to heal properly. OK. DONE!

Supplies for treatments. 
It was a "twofer" trip. Yes, what I thought was just my allergies kicking at me, it seems that I have developed bronchitis after several days. I was also hoping it would go away, but.......I tagged along and decided to be treated.  Came back with antibiotic and nebulizer after 15 minute nebulizer treatment during doctor visit.  Feeling better. Last year at the same time I had the same issue.

If you want to view closer, click on image.


  1. It certainly was a busy day for you. Hope you both are feeling better.

  2. Ouch! That looks like a nasty slash. Good idea to visit the doc for that one. Hope your treatments give you some relief.

  3. oh, dear! glad you were BOTH taken care of!

  4. Oh oh....big ouchie alert!! Wow....that looks like it was sore.

    And you with bronchitis. Take care....the both of you.

    Perused your previous post too, loved the wildflowers AND the birds. Of course, you know me...birds are always of interest to me.

  5. Hope you both are doing better.