Monday, June 29, 2015


It is very soggy here but I ventured out to shoot our home and landscape for the first time since returning from SC. Ferns, seedum, grass, all are flourishing. So are the weeds! A new decorative hand made cedar birdhouse with a copper roof has already been approached by several chickadees! They can't nest there! There is no floor in those apartments. And...I haven't decided where I will place it to stay - yet. There is a bare spot in front that needs a plant. I'll have to decide on a perennial or annual. The spot also needs soil. It has washed out badly. Yes, the water is very clear. I even saw a turtle on the distant log by the dam edge.
Cabin Tranquillity June 29, 2015
Growth just started on old old old fern
Seedum taking off - soon to be huge
Farewell gift lovingly made by dear SC neighbor 
Hosta almost blooming
View from porch chair
View of spillway and dam road (see log in lake?)
Mushrooms on beachfront lawn
Beachfront water's edge
Zoomed dam water's edge from porch! Saw him!

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  1. The rain every single day is driving me crazy! What weird weather everywhere. Sweet little turtle friend visiting your pond. Enjoyed all the glimpses of your pretty yard. :)

  2. What a great place to live! I'm jealous!