Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tranquillity at Last

Well the traveling back and forth to SC three times a year for 15 years has ended. Six months here, and six months there every year has ended.  We sold our place in the campground on the beach. It is bittersweet, but we are resigned that it must be. We have been going there since 1989, the first ten years in our motorhomes. The best thing is that we sold it to friends and their dream of having a place at the beach is now true and we sure hope they will enjoy lasting memories in their later years as much as we do already, even though it is a bittersweet experience for us.

I think I've taken pictures of every bush, tree and plant - that grows there. So many residents have beautiful flowers and my amateur photography efforts have given me great enjoyment. Now I'll even have a chance to renew my enjoyment of more relaxation and views of the autumn colors and local flowers and keep on snapping when I can. I have missed Autumn's full splendor in the mountains for the past 25 years!

Yesterday we visited our daughter, who lives nearby across town. She has the greenest thumb of anyone I know. I took 38 pictures in 1/2 hour as she was heading out to an appointment. Her garden is exceptionally beautiful and not tightly structured. She has varieties of flowers plus many vegetables that are thriving and are sure having a lot of full and healthy growth there! Even her koi came to the top of the small backyard pond to say hello. She can name every one of her plants and even has a special herb garden. I will go back to catch more blooms, especially for one of my favorites, Zinnias. Pop always had many of those around the house when I was growing up. Some plants are finished blooming but there are many more spectacular varieties of lilies to come!

WOW! Hosta
One of thousands of Morning Glories
The Sundrops originally came from the Cabin garden.

Birdhouses and Blooms
Lilies in tall grasses
Tuberous Begonia
Elderberry Bush - Jelly to be made. YUM!
Boy Koi
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  1. glad you are settling back in to one spot. :)

  2. Really beautiful garden and nice capture of the fish.

  3. Love your daughter's yard and gardens!!
    I would think it's a relief to not have so much it's time to relax, settle down, and enjoy those golden years.

  4. I guess we will still enjoy your pictures wherever you are.