Monday, June 1, 2015

Dune Bloom

The invasive trumpet vine has begun to bloom. I once had saved some seeds to bring back to Pennsylvania but, after reading all about this vine, I burned those seeds. They can do no harm here up on the protective beach dunes. They have also woven their arms into the live oak trees, up and into the branches, which are now drooping with abundant small red flowers. 

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To read more about this beautiful and invasive vine, go here...
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  1. i love the trumpet vines. mine have finally gotten big enough to bloom on my gazebo.

  2. I didn't realize they were so invasive. I used to see them in Texas growing along the big telephone poles or electrical poles. Guess it's not a good one to have in the garden. Thanks for the info!

  3. I have one....and they're not invasive here...I keep it trimmed down. LOL And the hummingbirds and other feathered friends love it.

    I just scrolled over your blog posts I've missed....way down to the 'flower power'....great stuff you have shared. So you are known as the undercover security guard, huh? That's cool. Love the panoramic beach views too.