Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Beach

I rarely walk among the people out on the beach now. For years I walked for 4 hours every day collecting "treasures" and enjoying the solitude of beach combing. I also learned the names and life styles of everything I picked up. It was a quest that became an obsession. Now I've changed to riding for miles throughout the campground on a golf cart with a handicapped decal for special parking. The security guards all call me their "undercover security patrol" and they are accurate in that description. I know what there is around me and where it is and how it should be in the environment. So........Today I went to the beach to see if there were still tourists enjoying the breezes and salty invigorating surf. Yes! They still are "out there!"  The surf and sand and salty breezes will remain long after I've left the building. I have just stopped to smell the roses.

To view my very large panoramic pictures larger, click on one!


  1. i hope they will be respectful of the environment and soak it in. :)

  2. I can almost hear the waves coming in and the children playing. I'll miss your pictures of the beach.