Friday, May 8, 2015

Give and Get

I brought a bag of buttons along on this trip to give to a fellow collector of beach glass, shark's teeth, shells, and other oddities. Another friend found them in a home she was cleaning out of all sorts of discarded stuff and thought I might like to have them. I told her, no but I knew someone who would.
She did! The picture below is one she took to show friends soon after receiving the bagful.

The other day, the recipient of the buttons brought out a chunk of green glass to show me that she had salvaged from a broken-down and decaying old hippie van. The dilapidated piece of junk had been abandoned on a piece of property belonging to her relative many years ago. It was never explored until recently. All sorts of junk was in it and this piece took her eye, though she had no idea what it was. She brought it here to show me.

I knew exactly what it was and admired its pretty color and sparkling interior minute bubbles. She then gave it to me!

The reason I knew was from discussions with my brother who was called a glass artist because he repaired and polished fine crystal and glassware at antique shows and privately. He also did the following along with creative artistry:

* Marbles ground and damage is removed.
* Stoppers are fitted into bottles. 
* Daubers are made for perfume bottles. 
* Chips are removed from the rims or bases of wine glasses, vases.
* Decanters are tumbled clean.

Isn't my slag glass chunk pretty?

Notice the size reference in my hand - photo #7.
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