Friday, May 15, 2015


The campground is packed this week. It is the Harley Spring Rally and there are thousands of them in the area. Many are here as this is the only campground that allows them to camp with their bikes at their sites and to also ride in, out and about when they are here. The newest campers don't seem to realize that there are many critters sharing the space, so they will learn the hard way. I won't post photos of the bikes, but believe me - they are beautiful full dressers!

All trees have squirrel appendages like these two.

Munching peacefully...

Soooo good...

Oh oh! I've been spotted!

See ya later...

This creation returns every year...

And brings a home along.
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  1. oh, i bet the campground gets a bit crazy! hope everyone enjoys safely.

  2. It sounds like a real interesting place to be. I really like the pictures especially the last one. A tractor trailer with a cabin instead of a trailer.

  3. Looks like a fun place to be tho!! Bikers and all!!!

    Love the 'appendages'!!!

  4. Sounds like tons of fun like the go cart those r fun lol

  5. Those squirrels are such opportunists! The house mounted onto the truck cab is very interesting. Bet that's a fun event.