Thursday, May 14, 2015

Crazy Mix Here

Cactus and Cole Slaw and COLD CLAW?

I returned home, played at being Suzy Homemaker for a bit before going out to find another treasure. (I make my own cole slaw because the southern type doesn't suit me, and share with other friends who feel the same. Thank goodness for a food processor!

Out again!

This guy seems to have something wrong with his left foot, but after I took his picture and rode around the loop, he had disappeared when I returned and was nowhere to be seen. At first I thought it was a yard decoration. I have no idea what kind of turtle this is but it seems to be an old guy (girl?). There are no lakes, ponds, or streams in this area. I think he is lost.

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  1. snapping turtle. can take off a finger if you get too close. :)

  2. p.s. really nice blooming cacti and fence scene!

  3. It kind of looks like one of my customers. At work we make our own cole slaw from kits. It all looks fresh and inviting with all the cut up vegetables until you add the dressing provided. There are no ingredients provided so who knows what we are mixing in. It just looks like a bag of goop. No thanks.