Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Natural Beach Erosion

These pictures were on the local TV news station Last night. It is an area that I have walked along for many many years and is devastating to me.  The natural destruction of a natural area - erosion of the sand and dunes and raping of our protective sea oats. The good part is that there was not more damage. Glad I can no longer walk that far to see it in person.

This is an area where I found so many shark's teeth in the past 25 years.


  1. We face the same kind of risk around here. It was just in the news yesterday. Boston is right on the water and all the mayors of the surrounding areas just had a conference as there are two rivers that flow to the harbor. One running through my city and the Charles River in Cambridge. It's all to do with "climate change". Whether it exists or it's just the normal course of things and humans really have an impact is still open for debate as far as I am concerned. Still there is the potential for flooding as the Mystic River is not that far away from here. Just a couple of streets over.
    Cool sharks teeth. I have never found any but I will be on the lookout for them in a couple of weeks when we go away.